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  • Why VITALSTAR humanized mouse model services take an ‘in house service’ fashion?
    VITALSTAR humanized mouse models are made by transplantation of human tissue/cells into immunedeficient mice, including NPG (NOD/Prkdcscid/Il2rγc null) and Rag2null/Il2rγcnull mice. These mice are very susceptive to environmental pathogens and their resistance to diseases are generally weaker, so require high raising condition, must be housed in strict SPF protective screen system. Because we can’t evaluate and be responsible for the situation of the mice in custom’s animal facilities, we temporarily only provide in house services on humanized mouse models.
  • What is the source of VITALSTAR human hepatocytes? Can the VITALSTAR human hepatocytes be supplied stably and in large number?
    VITALSTAR human hepatocytes are separated from the humanized liver mice developed by Vitalstar company. Primary human hepatocytes isolated from human donors were transplanted to VITALSTAR Tet-uPA mice, of which liver injury can be induced. Human hepatocytes repolpulate mouse liver and get expanded. Actually Human hepatocytes engrafting mouse liver can be successively transplanted to secondary recipient mice and be expanded for hundreds and thousands of folds. A significant advantage of the engrafted human hepatocytes is that the cells are fresh, homogeneous and without drug residual, so that they are valuable in drug metabolism, drug interaction and toxicological in vitro studies. Vitalstar company can now supply human hepatocytes engrafted in mouse liver stably and in large number.
  • What is the content of the service of cryoprevation, rederivation and line rescue services? What is the relationship between them?
    Cryopreservation is a method of preserving gametes or embryos in liquid nitrogen with lower cost. Rederivation is a method of derivation of SPF animals by means of embryo transfer to remove virus, bacteria and parasites. Line rescue services refer to using assisted reproductive technology to help recover lines that are in breeding obstacle. Generally cryopreservation and rederivation can implement at the same time, thus can avoid repetition to get ready to live animals for derivation of embryos and save related cost. These can also decrease the difficulty of strain recovery technology, by means of our in vitro fertilization or embryo transfer service, line rescue can be realized.
  • What is the content of the service of stem cell technology and primary cell technology?
    Stem cells mainly include embryonic stem cells, adult stem cells, and germ line stem cells, etc. Adult stem cells, in particular, its cultivation needs specific experience, and lots of factors that affect the quality and uniformity. Vitalstar has established VitalCellTM series cell products with independent intellectual property rights and provide customization services for various cell products. Cell products were made by strict quality control procedures and were negative for virus, mycoplasma, bacteria, yeast and fungi. Our service include: (1) derivation of cell lines of embryonic stem cells, adult stem cells, germ line stem cells and primary cells; (2) optimization of culture conditions; (3) purification of cells; (4) cryopreserved and recovery of cells; (5) cell test; (6) establishment genetically modified cell lines; (7)other services.