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Product and Service

  • Rederivation


    Rederivation is a method of derivation of SPF animals by removing virus, bacteria and parasites. Vitalstar get SPF animals by embryo transfer, and help to achieve related microbial detection services.
  • Cryopreservation


    Cryopreservation is a method of preserving gametes or embryos in liquid nitrogen. Vitalstar recommends cryopreserving sperm, embryos, or ovaries as an insurance of their safety with lower cost.
  • Line rescue services

    Line rescue services

    Line rescue services refer to using assisted reproductive technology to help recover lines that are in breeding obstacle. Vitalstar provide a variety of services including: IVF, PZD, ICSI, and ovarian transplan...
  • Testing services

    Testing services

    Routine genetic and phenotype testing is an important aspect of successfully managing a genetically engineered mouse or rat colony by eliminating the lost or mutation genotype.
  • Micromanipulating services

    Micromanipulating services

    Micromanipulation refers to perform surgery, anatomical and injection with the aid of microscope or anatomical lens. Vitalstar provide a variety of services including: PI, BI and other customized services.